White Knight Chronicles 2 has pointy boobs, droopy boobs

Okay, so boobs aren’t necessarily the point of the new screenshots released for upcoming PS3 role-playing game White Knight Chronicles 2. But this is Destructoid, so you can’t expect to get that caliber of reporting that you do on the other sites.

So Sony released a lot of pretty pictures of a sequel to a game we haven’t even played yet. I’m not bitter or anything, it’s just that I really want to play the first one. We’re getting ahead of ourselves. The new screens are lovely, Level 5. Don’t take it wrong. I like the scenery shots and the characters look nice enough, I guess.

The most notable thing about this sequel, called Shirokishi Monogatari: Hikari to Yami no Kakusei in Japan, is the boob thing. Sorry. That’s all I got.

Check out the gallery of screens below.

[via AS]

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