Wheelman launched, so let’s watch a launch trailer

Quick facts: Vin Diesel bench-presses 415 lbs on a good day. On a bad one, he only manages to lift a puny 325 pounds above his head. (I asked what he handled in the weight room during the conference call a few weeks ago. He laughed after I posed the question. Later, after my follow-up question, he called me “buddy.” We’re BFFs.)

If you doubt Diesel’s weight room prowess, look no further than Wheelman for evidence of his musculature. To aid you in this epic quest, thereby making it a slightly-less-epic question, we uploaded a launch trailer for the game. While you’re peeking at his bulk, take the time to observe his ridiculous gymnastic ability. In Wheelman, Diesel can carjack … while driving. The result is a hilarious animation of Diesel lunging from his car to the top of another vehicle.

Is the name of the trailer implies, Wheelman is available in stores right now.

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