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What’s your favorite area in Resident Evil 4?

The village, the castle, or the island?

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Once again the Resident Evil 4 remake is split into three distinct areas: the village, the castle, and the island. Even before the remake came around and remixed some of the game’s most iconic sections, pretty much everyone had a favorite in mind. With the remake under your belt, what wins out this time around? Or if you haven’t played the remake, just sound off anyway!

The castle is one of the best action locales ever made

Even the precipice of the castle sets the tone right away. Everyone involved (including the castle’s lord Ramon Salazar) isn’t messing around, and these denizens are an immediate step up compared to the enemies that populate the village. They have weaponry, tactics, traps, and some surprises. Taking on a pack of castle Ganados is one of the most thrilling aspects of the game, particularly with some of the new engine and action tweaks in the remake.

The castle has it all: variety, creepy unique enemies, indoor and outdoor combat, and Resident Evil style puzzles. The remake takes things even further than the original in several areas (which I won’t spoil here), and tweaks most of the Ashley-centric segments for the better. Hopefully, it ends up making a return in the upcoming Mercenaries mode: its ominous theming and dynamic layout will be a blast to play over and over.

The other two don’t slouch, though

The additions to the village zone really set the tone early on, and let me know that this was in fact a remake and not a remaster. Similarly, the island keeps you on your toes and lets you go full action hero without having to babysit Ashley; plus Krauser is always a delight to beat down. I do miss some of the original areas, but the remake (alongside the VR edition) is definitely going to be getting some play in the years ahead.

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