Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

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B.B. Hood is an inspiration to us all

And, as sure as day follows night, as sure as palpitations follow caffeine, as sure as negativity follows a live stream, it’s the weekend — Welcome to Whatcha Been Playing? I hope that the week has treated you kindly and, more importantly, I hope that you have treated yourself kindly. We want you happy and healthy, and while we don’t have direct control over either, never forget that we gotcha back. You are among friends here, as true as it ever was. Hope that you have a ton o’ fun this weekend, whatever you’re choosing to do with your spare time. Make it a good one, ‘kay? Don’t watch IT: Chapter Two. Terrible.

Round and Round

It’s just been fight, fight, fight, fight, fightin’ for me all week. I’m currently bouncing around between the golden oldies of the Capcom Fighting Collection, (I’d forgotten quite how much I love Darkstalkers 3), while also digging into the long-time-coming, plucky underdog that is Nexon’s anime fighter DNF Duel. You’ll be hearing about my opinions on both real soon. But hoo boy, DNF Duel, Capcom Fighting Collection, an incoming new season for Guilty Gear Strive, and, of course, Street Fighter 6 looking better by the week. We eating good, FGC, here’s hoping the banquet continues.

Creatures of the Night

So, before we all get back to our own individual fights, be sure to gather in the comments and tell the good people whatcha been playing. It’s currently looking like the first half of 2022 might prove to be the heavier six months in regards to exciting, top-tier releases, and as such, there are probably a lot of rad titles you have queued up. And that’s before you even factor in the bottomless pit that is The Backlog. But why am I still yammering on, you know how this works — I wanna know what’s keeping you entertained, as do your fellow community pals, so put us outta our misery.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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