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Gimme a boost

Howdy pardners, and welcome to Whatcha Been Playing. We are in the midst of “Not-E3” stream week, and while Geoff Keighley’s Manage Your Expectations Fest is already behind us, there are still a helluva lot of streams happening — many of them this weekend, which is awesome for teams of writers who don’t want a day off. I guess this is the news month of the year, and even without the Endless Entertainment Expo we still find ourselves bombarded with news, trailers, reveals, and updates.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the festivities thus far. Please join us here at Destructoid for the coming week’s news and streams. As good boy Occams has told me time and again, it’s you, the community, and your feedback to the tidal wave of news that really makes this season fun and engaging.

It’s My Moment

It’s been a long week, frankly, and we’re just getting started not that the summer gaming news extravaganza lasts until fucking fall. But hoo boy, did yer boy Moyse need that Street Fighter 6 trailer and, even more importantly, the roster leak. While beauty is obviously subjective, I love what I’ve seen so far of the next in Capcom’s iconic fight franchise. From the “Back to the Streets” vibe, to the roster, to the clothing style and presentation (and of course my gurl, Juri). Frankly, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop, in the form of horribly predatory microtransactions or some shitty EnEffTee deal.

You’ve been on a real roll, Capcom, and people are enjoying what they’re seeing. Don’t blow it.

Let’s Get it On

I hope that this is a fine weekend for you and that you’re able to find some time for some rest, some gaming, some good company, or simply for yourself. Enjoy the continued summer game streams and I hope they bring every one of you at least one title that turns your head. Oh, and speaking of gaming, be sure to jump into the comments below and tell us all whatcha been playing.

Please share with us all of the tubular titles that are currently squeezing their way into your few free hours. It’s such a small thing — taking mere seconds — but your comments mean so much to me, to this weekly article, and, most of all, to the rest of the community. So let’s keep this train a-rollin’

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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