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Feel free to post, it's back online

This was already posted in the forums, but if you didn't catch it just wanted to bump it to the home page: We've relaunched Outer Heaven this weekend.  It's our old forums software: founded in 2006, previously known as the Destructoid Forums. There are over 1 million classic Destructoid Community posts archived here, minus the folder structure and pruned support threads. Oh, and one inexplicably lost Werewolf thread that I'm still looking for (sorry!).

Destructoid's dev team stopped supporting vBulletin software in June 2015 (we want a unified system), so the forums split from the home page. If you were a member of the forums prior to this date, all of your stuff like badges and all of your old post counts and awards will be imported into your blogging profiles. Destructoid will launch an integrated forum sometime in the future from these archives. As such, your continued use of these forums may also be imported if you have a Destructoid account.

All future badges, ranks, and so forth will take place as part of activities on the home page of Destructoid going forward.

Outer Heaven was officially relaunched on August 11, 2015 under a new logo and design as a sort of secret community-run space. Destructoid staff does not moderate these forums, they just share the same grumpy landlord (me). I think we all agree it would be a shame to shut this place down completely, so the forums will live on as Outer Heaven.

Say it like a sigh of relief: OH, Forums.

Who this site is for:

Everyone. There's a lot of video game stuff on here, but generally speaking it's an anything goes type of place. Most people will discover it from our blog, so they're likely gamers.

Simple rules:

Outer Heaven is bound by the ModernMethod Blog Network Terms of Use, which is also located at the bottom of every page for quick reference. The rules are very simple: we don't tolerate harassment, hate speech, victimizing humor, racism, bigotry, hazing, and so forth. Don't post spoilers, don't post porn, don't astroturf drama. Basically, don't be a dick.

Relaunched in the hopes of a cultural shift:

Unfortunately in the past some members (including previous moderators) believed these rules did not apply to them, particularly because they had been here for years. I get that a lot of regulars are very upset that I removed some of their bros, but we just couldn't see eye to eye on a lot of things and they'll surely be happier in a less moderated forum anyway. It was inevitable parting of ways and I wish those guys the best.

New zero-hazing banhammer is in effect

I personally have no interest in running that sort of community, and there's plenty of other places on the web you can go do that. We host this site voluntarily for fun, so let's keep things lite. This is site for chill people, not drama mommas.

Every Outer Heaven forum member, new or old, should be treated with respect. They should not be negged as to determine if they are "cool enough" to stay or go.

Outer Heaven Forums aspires to be an inviting place for future generations of members to feel welcomed, where the newest member feels just as welcomed as the oldest. We can't force a cultural change overnight, but that's the high standard we aspire to.

Forum redesign:

We're a flat forum on purpose. We have one forum: The Basement. Whatever you post just floats to the top, and if it becomes popular it will get bumped back up. If not, it is archived chronologically below.

For old members: It's basically "The Bar" as an entire web site now.

Forum admins

ModernMethod is a small team, so most of our time is spent on (breaking) Destructoid. We provide basic admin services to Outer Heaven like core vBulletin software updates, denial of service protection, and other security protocols. This unfortunately does not include third party plug-ins like Tapatalk in order to keep everyone's data safe.

You can reach us anytime at support [at] destructoid.com.

Community moderators

Who is who: Listed at the bottom of the main forum, our respected community members have been given moderator powers, and moderator's activity logs are kept to protect our readers from abuse. We want to ensure that moderators best represent the community and will add/remove moderators as the community sees fit. You should organize yourselves accordingly.

If an admin is notified by a moderator and has to come down to the basement that is not a good sign. The admin ban hammer is swift and furious, so please be kind to the moderators so we don't have to do that. Otherwise, trolls will run this place and everybody loses.

If you have any concerns about moderators or wish to become one, please send your application to community [at] destructoid.com. Generally speaking, you should have been a member of this community for at least six months and have posted at least once a week to be considered.

New members

If you're new it's best to post your intro as a reply in the sticky thread so everyone subscribed to that thread will see it, as opposed to making a whole new thread (that's kinda spammy)

As we used to say in the old times: Welcome to the forums, don't suck!

About the other site updates not related to the forums

Last weekend's code jam brought about a lot of new features to the core site, some which we can see people using (yay), some that people want us to kill with fire (boo). There are valid concerns that changes to upvoting and leaderboards will turn the CBlogs into a popularity party, and we really hope that won't be the case. The forums are chronologically displayed by default, so everyone's got a fair shake.

We're taking all things into consideration and will have another update as soon as we do something about the spam. Tom's got a day job and I'm busy giving away beta codes today, but we'll hop back on that as soon as humanly possible. Please direct your feedback and polls to http://destructoid.uservoice.com where you can spend 3 votes on the ideas you like the most and 1 vote on the ideas that are sort of okay. You get a total of 10 votes per person.

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