What jobs are you playing in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker?

Endwalker jobs

I’m going with Paladin, Machinist, and White Mage

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker shook up a number of mechanics with massive changes. Now that savage raiding is live, I figured it was time to check in. So what Endwalker jobs have you settled on?

With 2.0, I was all over the map, raiding savage with a Paladin, Ninja, Bard, Dragoon, Scholar, and White Mage. Over time I basically settled into raiding as just Paladin/tanking, and in every expansion, Paladin is my “story job” of choice to reach the new level cap: everything else is secondary. I did the same thing with¬†Endwalker, but with a fresh new expansion, I decided to try something old and something new. I brought back the White Mage into the fold, while leveling a Machinist.

It’s been a blast to see all of the changes to White Mage over the years unfold right before my eyes at once, first-hand. No the job isn’t perfect, but it’s suited me well in everything I’ve played thus far. While I’m likely going to be heading into savage content with my trusty Paladin, it’s been a ton of fun healing again.

Machinist brings me back to the olden days of more carefree times with my Bard. When I want to unburden myself of the stress of tanking/shot-calling and reactively healing/fixing messes. It isn’t the flashiest job mechanically, nor does it bring the most utility to the table, but it is flashy¬†visually, especially with the “dark Machinist” motif I elected.

I think what I’ve enjoyed most about these jobs is the story I’ve told for these characters over the course of nearly a decade. My Paladin has mostly remained the same aesthetically: stoic as ever, representing the Maelstrom Grand Company colors. Though as a White Mage, I opted to swap from the bright color scheme of old into a darker tone. And my Machinist is straight out of a monster movie.

Feel free to share your job stories, both in terms of glamour endgame and mechanics!

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