What is your own level of interest in PlayStation VR 2?

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Cblogs of 2/25 to 03/03/2023

Grethiwha shares their first impressions on PSVR 2.

Isay Isay reviews One Piece: Odyssey.

Virtua Kazama shares their thoughts on the EVO 2023 games lineup.

Lord Spencer continues their retrospective on the Mega Man series with this blog about Mega Man X4.

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Siddartha85 shares a list of their top music of 2022 in this A-List.

Siddartha85 shares a list of their top music of 2022 in this B-List.

Boxman214 reports on their solo playthrough of the table-top game, Ironsworn: Starforged.

ChronoLynxx opens this week’s TGIF community thread for random discussion.

A healthy batch o’ blogs this week, thanks a lot! Thanks to Lord Spencer for taking the time out of their week to recap them for the front page. As always, if you wanna join in on the HOT TAKE party, then head on over to the Cblogs section right now.

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