Welcome to the machine; Life 2.0 teaches Second Life from within Second Life

Dr Dobb’s is a respected resource for computer development, and has been so for thirty years now, but somewhere along the line, the good doctor started downing handfuls of valium, ketamine and DDR Ram chips, and decided that teaching people how to develop for the burgeoning world of Second Life would best be accomplished from within Second Life.

We received a press release earlier today touting the myriad benefits of what they’ve dubbed Life 2.0, a virtual conference within Second Life aimed at teaching people within Second Life how to develop for Second Life, from within Second Life, hopefully while using the copyrighted title “Second Life” as often as possible. It seems that the books, real-world lectures and classroom educations on which our entire society has been created over the last several millennia are no longer effective at conveying ideas, so instead, one must e-dress them self as an anthropomorphic fox with elephantisized genitals in order to learn effectively.

Personally, I dropped out of college in an effort to spend more time downing pharmaceuticals and listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd albums, so I might be a bit out of touch with current teaching methods, but is immersing one’s students in a world where they can be assaulted by flocks of migratory phalli really in the best interest of education?

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