Welcome the TRUE GameCube: Levelhead is a game for squares

Of course, I could make all the shape puns in the world, but nothing will take away from the brilliance, however befuddling, that is Levelhead‘s promise. The above video is a concept for a “3D Spatial Memory Game,” a new idea that uses a blank cube and cameras to create an interactive tilting puzzle that cannot be done justice with mere words. Here are some words anyway, however:
Using tilt motions, the player moves a character through rooms that appear inside one of several cubes on a table. Each room is logically connected by a series of doors, though some doors lead nowhere (they are traps).

The player has 2 minutes to find the exit of each cube, leading the character into the entrance of the next..

Work is also being done to use invisible markers such that the cube itself appears entirely white to the naked eye. 

Quite how the cameras work with the cube and a presumabley on-screen digital image is something I will likely never comprehend, but it apparently works. I don’t even want to know what forces are at work here, really. I’d prefer to think that this whole concept runs on magic.
Julian Oliver, the New Zealand-based creator of Levelhead plans to make this an open source project, one that won’t end with just the two cubes seen here. The potential for a sprawling cubiverse now exists, and it is a terrifying, dark new realm indeed. 
Seriously though … what the bloody hell?
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