Weird clock appears on official Grand Theft Auto 2 Web site [Update]

Yes, that headline is not a mistake — this post is about a clock that has appeared on Rockstar’s official site for the ten year old videogame, Grand Theft Auto 2. Wait, make that two clocks. One clock is labeled May 1, with a link to a “present” page; the other is labeled May 22, with a link to a “future” page. 

I’m not even going to try to figure out what all of this means. As with most countdowns, there are likely clues scattered all over the site, and I leave it to you guys to figure out. I’m barely a journalist, much less an investigative one. I will say that rumors of Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network ports of Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 have been floating around for awhile — could this be related?

Dear Internet Matlocks, please pull on your thinking caps and pull out your magnifying glasses. This is a case that we demand you solve.

[Via CVG]

[Update: Call off the search dogs! Rockstar has contacted us regarding this, and it appears we shouldn’t fuss over it. Apparently, those clocks are supposed to display the current time, but something is corrupt. The page “hasn’t been touched in years,” according to Rockstar’s web team.

Feel free to keep hunting for clues only if you’re really, really bored.] 

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