Weekend Scraps: Strange bedfellows (9/5/08-9/7/08)


I had a real “WTF?!” moment this weekend when I heard some celebrity gossip about Pamela Anderson dating Michael Jackson. A pairing like that doesn’t seem possible as I’m pretty sure that they aren’t the same species. Not that I think either of them are actually humans either, but I still doubt the anatomy would pair up.

After I thought about it a moment more, the fear set in. Pamela has a history where footage of her in flagrante delicto has wound up on the open market. The idea of Michael Jackson possibly joining the ranks of Bret Michaels and Tommy Lee in this respect makes me shudder uncontrollably. 

  • The US obviously doesn’t have enough important issues on its plate because we’re now comparing the presidential candidates’ views on videogames. [Edge
  • The Xbox 360 consoles aren’t the only thing getting price cuts. It seems that Microsoft has deigned to reduce the insanely overpriced hard drive too. [Kotaku]
  • If you have been playing Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, Rare has a few suggestions for things to try on your piñatas. [MTV Multiplayer]
  • EA has walked away from the negotiating table, seemingly abandoning its bid to buy Take-Two. Pachter still believes the buyout will happen. [Edge]
  • A NeoGAF forum post suggests that Chrono Trigger DS has been pushed back to ’09. The listing on Amazon seems to suggest the same. [NeoGAF]
  • Lorne Lanning (creator of Oddworld) thinks that consoles are hurting the games industry by making games too expensive to produce. [GameDaily]
Conrad Zimmerman