Weekend Destructainment: YOU ARE OBESE!

The lovable Geoff Mendicino gives the Internets a how to guide on how to Teamkill in Call of Duty 4. I really shouldn’t be laughing at all at this as it just promotes douchebaggery, but it’s hysterical. Spotted on FreezeCracker
Hey, hey, hey Mr. Destructainment. The show continues on after the break starting off with some alternative ways of Mario dying. Then it’s the clever Lupin the 3rd and Metal Gear Solid mashup. Next up, it’s World of Wifecraft, where wives are Level 70 because of their bras. 
Next, MadTV takes a stab at comedy with their Grand Theft Auto spoof. Then some hot Japanese girls play Guitar Hero for no real reason. Next up, Bender is a secret character in Gears of War 2. Random Robot Intermission is next with robotic clothing. The Destructainment ends with a guy getting really angry over Wii Fit calling him a fatty.

Deaths that don’t really work for Mario. Thanks Blindside Dork! 

The intro for Lupin the 3ird done Metal Gear Solid style. Spotted on Kotaku

World of Wifecraft. How wives deal with their WoW addicted husbands. Spotted on ArrestedDeveloper’s Blog

Grand Theft Auto: The Board game. MadTV’s horrible spoof of GTA. Spotted on Tazarthayoot’s C Blog

Some hot Japanese girls play Guitar Hero for the Wii. Everybodies a winner! 



Bender is in Gears of War 2, confirmed!



Random Robot Intermission: Robotic clothing.



Wii Fit calls this guy obese and he turns into a giant little girl over it. Spotted on GoNintendo.

Hamza Aziz