Weekend Destructainment: What a Wonderful (Super Mario) World

YouTuber brentalfloss strikes again with another awesome videogame related musical piece. This time, he took Louie Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” and gave it the Super Mario World treatment. 
The Destructainment continues on after the jump starting with a guy who hacked Chrono Trigger to propose to his girl. Then take a look at the future of videogames as we know it. Next up, the Raving Rabbids spoof James Bond. Then check out what Barack Obama and Sarah Palin would do in Mercenaries 2
Next up, it’s a Halo 3 light show. Followed by Random Robot Intermission and Almost Transformers. Then see a small part of the latest Chuck episode centered around Missile Command. Next, it’s stop motion Mega Man 9. The Destructainment ends with 50 cosplay cleavage shots just because. 

Guy proposed through by hacking Chrono Trigger. Spotted on Brandon2520’s C Blog.

The future of videogames. Spotted on Geekologie.

Raving Rabbids spoof James Bond. Thanks, Dork!

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin join Mercenaries 2.

A Halo 3 light show. Pretty good music.

Random Robot Intermission: Almost Transformers.

Missile Command becomes the main plot for an episode of Chuck. Spotted on Kotaku. You can check out the entire episode of Chuck based on Missile Command over on Hulu (Americans only!). 

Stop motion Mega Man 9.

50 cosplay cleavage shots for no reason at all. Thanks, Dork!



Hamza Aziz