Weekend Destructainment: Ultros Boogie

[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.]

Spoofs, music, mods, murder mysteries and more await you in this edition of Weekend Destructainment. First after the break is a Pokemon radio drama done in the style of hit TV show 24. Then it’s a new jam by Hyadain called “Ultros Boogie.” Next up is a sick Call of Duty mod made to look like Star Wars. Then it’s Ping Pong Street Fighter. Followed by Random Robot Intermission and Turbo Heather Extreme.

Then a bunch of shirt zombies play Rock Band Beatles at PAX. Next up is Dtoider P4KO doing a cover of Sonic Adventure. Then Mega64 does Punch-Out!! More Mega64 follows with a Dreamcast Murder Mystery. The Destructainment ends with an old school ad for Kid Icarus. 

Pokemon meets 24.

New Hyadain jam! Ultros Boogie!

Awesome Star Wars Call of Duty mod. Spotted on UnstoppableJuggernaut’s C Blog.

Ping Pong Street Fighter.

Random Robot Intermission: Turbo Heather Extreme. Spotted on Bleep’s C Blog.

Resident Evil shirt zombies play some Rock Band Beatles.

Dtoider P4KO does the Sonic Adventure theme on guitar.

Mega64 does Punch-Out!!

Mega64’s Dreamcast Murder Mystery.

Retro ad: Kid Icarus. Spotted on Street Level.

Hamza Aziz