Weekend Destructainment: The Magic Touch

You all know by now my hardcore love for all things Paul Robertson. As obsessive as I have become with his work, I have totally missed one of his older animations called The Magic Touch. It’s nothing as action packed as was Pirate Baby Cabana Street Fight 2006, but it’s still great to watch and relax to the music. Keep an eye out for a couple of videogame references. Special thanks goes out to Brandon at Insert Credit for opening my eyes.  
Welcome to a very L.A. themed Weekend Destructainment. How is this L.A. themed you ask? Because I’m in L.A. right now, that’s why. First video after the jump, a very “compelling” reason as to why you shouldn’t pirate games. After that, it’s Random Robot Intermission and Robot Love.
Then, an 8-bit parody of the A-Team with one of the greatest lines ever uttered. Next up, a clip of a bad glitch in Twilgiht Princess. Then, a guy beats up his girlfriend over a videogame. Finally, more upskirt panty shots from Hot Shots Golf. 

The morale: Don’t pirate games. OK, sure, we won’t … Spotted on Kotaku.

Random Robot Intermission: Robot Love. Really goofy, but LisaNova is a hottie. 

8-bit A-Team. It’s really dumb, but has an awesome line in it: “Prove your loyality to us … by letting this gorilla rape you.” 

A really funky glitch from Twilight Princess. Thanks TheGoldenDonut! Elite Gamer, it’ll destroy your relationship with your girlfriend … LIKE ALL VIDEOGAMES!

More Hot Shots Golf upskirt action! I’ll be damned to let Dale North steal my title as most perverted her at Destructoid. Spotted on Kotaku

Hamza Aziz