Weekend Destructainment: That’s not ice tea, that’s urine

Disappointed People are back with a new video of Mega Man and suicide. You may remember them as the people who did The Devil gets anally rape video from awhile back. These guys are great at making completely random and insane videos. 
This edition is jammed packed with video goodness. After the jump, the show gets started with a 22 month old kid owning it up in Wii Tennis. After that, a preview of Plasma Pong — it’s like being on acid without the side effects! Then, Old Grandma Hardcore plays some Resistance. After that, a video of Summa’s illegitimate baby laughing at the Wii. Next, a man who thinks he is really Kratos. Then a video of the Tifa fight scene from Advent Children recreated in a music video.
Followed by a video of a stop motion LEGO Mario movie. Then the Mario Bros theme performed on drums. Next, Koji Kondo performs the Mario Bros theme. Then a video of all of the gruesome death scenes from the original Resident Evil. Followed by a collection of all of the ways Ada Wong can die in Resident Evil 4. Then, a video of (mentally challenged?) girl playing Katamari Damacy. Then the Destructainment gets wrapped up by another real life Mario Kart spoof.  

A 22 month old kid is owning Wii Tennis. Very cute. Spotted on GameDrift — Thanks Jeremy and Nathan!Plasma Pong. Don’t play or watch this while on crack or acid. The music is epic like God of War epic. You can download the game here. Thanks Detry!Old Grandma Hardcore plays some Resistance: Fall of Man. This lady is freaking awesome! Thanks Detry!A baby laughing at the Wii. Summa’s illegitimate child? You decide. Thanks Detry! 

The guy who thought he was really the God of War! Kinda funny … ish. Thanks Haverty!

The Tifa fight scene recreated in a music video. Spotted on Japanator.
Stop motion LEGO Mario movie. Eh. 

Super Mario theme done on drums. 

Koji Kondo performing the Mario Bros theme song at rehearsals at the VGLs. All of the gruesome endings from the original Resident Evil dubbed with a very upbeat song!
All of the ways Ada can die in Resident Evil 4

A girl having a wonderful time playing Katamari Damacy … weird sauce.

Mario Kart recreated in real life again. This time, by Ze Germans! 

Hamza Aziz