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Weekend Destructainment: Super Genocide Piranha Man edition

2008-01-05 17:42:52·  2 minute read   ·  Hamza CTZ Aziz@CTZ

I can't wait for Kings of Power 4 Billion% so I'm digitally stalking Paul Robertson. Over on the Mecha Fetus Visual Blog where Paul contributes, Persona made this short little animation based on the Mega Man universe. It ends abruptly, but for the first minute or so, it's pretty awesome.
The Destructainment gets started with Conan O'Brien annoying people playing Rock Band. Then it's a weird glitch from Super Mario 64 where Mario is a sign post. Next, a NES gets blown up with fire works. Random Robot Intermission is next with two robot Teddy Bears playing a song. 
Then, a kid gets a Playstation 3 for Christmas and goes crazy. Yet another pointless Halo 3 suicide video is next. A old Apple promo edited to be a Microsoft promo follows that. The Destructainment ends with a remix of an old Nintendo ad for the original Nintendo.  

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Conan O'Brien is back on the air and lets his viewers know what he has been up to for the last two months. Spotted on mteerie's C-Blog.
Super Sign Post 64. Whether this is a glitch or a mod, it's still interesting. Spotted on Thornnn's C-Blog

Original NES gets blown up with tons of fireworks. That's one way to bring in the New Year.

Random Robot Intermission: The Teddy Bear Orchestra performs their song called Stephen Colbert. Via CapturedByRobots and Attack of the Show.

The Playstation 3 kid. He's like the N64 kid, except a lot more annoying.  

Another over the top Halo 3 suicide video.

Old Apple promo video edited so all references are for Microsoft. Made by Dtoider Thuyen.

Funny remix of the old Nintendo ad for Nintendo and Zelda. Spotted on GuitarFearow C-Blog


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