Weekend Destructainment: Stick it in your pocket

Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.

Lesbianism, omg shoes, the Goddamn Batman, property damage and more await you in this edition of Weekend Destructainment. After the break, we have a lovely scene from Castlevania Judgment. Then check out the bottom of Mr. Destructoid’s shoe! Next up, Dtoider NukaCola does some music from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time on the drums. Next, Batman checks out E3 09.

Random Robot Intermission is next with robot with guns. Then it’s an old school Gameboy Pocket ad. Followed by Ryu destroying a car. Then it’s the latest episode of Marcus’ Corner. Next, ScrewAttack shows off a different version of Milo. The Destructainment ends with a beautiful cover of Portal’s “Still Alive.”

Extreme lesbian pedophilia torture in Castlevania Judgment. Spotted on Geoff’s C Blog.

Here’s what the bottom of Mr. Destructoid’s shoe looks like! Via Kotaku.

Dtoider NukaCola’s drum cover for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time.

Batman checks out E3 09. Spotted on ToplessRobot

Random Robot Intermission: Our future robot guardians. Spotted on Geekologie.

Old school ad: Gameboy Pocket is so hot. Spotted on Offworld.

Ryu takes out a car.

Marcus’ Corner episode 5 is really really really uncomfortable.

ScrewAttack shows off the other Milo … and Mijo.

A very beautiful cover of Portal’s “Still Alive”. Thanks, Noam.

Hamza Aziz