Weekend Destructainment: STAR POWER!

“You’re a guitar hero now.” Spotted on Attack of the Show.
After the break, the Destructainment keeps on going with a video on team killing in Gears of War. Next up, Mario tries to get a kiss from the Princess after rescuing her from Bowser. Then Miley Cyrus plays Rock Band. Random Robot Intermission follows with the opening theme for Transformers
Next up, check out the remixed theme songs for Persona 3 and Persona 4. Then it’s the Mega Man 2 theme with lyrics. Followed by sexual Tetris. The Destructainment ends with Star Fox needing the rent money from his team. 

How to teamkill in Gears of War by Geoff Mendicino.

Mario rescues the Princess and wants a little reward. Made by Seth MacFarlane as part of his new YouTube/Burger King partnership thing. Thanks, power-glove!

Miley Cyrus plays Rock Band. Eh, excuse to put up a video of Miley Cyrus … you know, for all of you young people that are fans of her and not posted for totally perverted reasons at all … yup. 

Random Robot Intermission: The Transformers opening theme.

Remix of the Persona 3 opening. Thanks, Wario67!

Persona 4 remix intro. Thanks, Wario67!

Mega Man 2 with lyrics. Made by the same guy who made the Mega Man 3 song with lyrics. Thanks, Reaprar!

Sexual Tetris. Thanks, Blindside Dork.

Star Fox needs the rent. It’s more fail then anything, really.

Hamza Aziz