Weekend Destructainment: SPECIAL TEAMS BABY!

The above video is really short so I won’t say much. I’ll just say it’s a Madden game and a guy is providing some exceptional commentary. 
Merry 4th of July weekend! Time to get Destructainmented. After the jump, it’s Random Robot Intermission and the Showbiz Pizza Band performing Usher’s “Love in This Club”. Next up, a tool assisted run of the original super Mario Bros. where every glitch is getting exploited. Then, an IT guy deals with a very dumb employee.
After that, Nintendo presents Back to the Future III. Then it’s another Unreal mod, this time with Mega Man Legends characters. Next up, some action figures play some Rock Band. Then, an episode of Reboot just for the hell of it. The Destructainment ends with Laughing Octopus made in Spore. 


Random Robot Intermission: Usher’s “Love in This Club” performed by the Showbiz Pizza Band. Via a phone call from an ecstatic Buck F1tches.

The final part of a tool assisted run through Super Mario Bros. where every exploit is, um, exploited. Look for the first two parts on the YouTube profile page.

IT guy Vs dumb employee. Doesn’t really have anything to do with gaming except that the IT guy is playing Halo: CE during most of the call. Spotted on BigPopaGamer’s C Blog.

Nintendo presents, Back to the Future III. Spotted on Rockvillian’s C Blog.

Mega Man Legends

mod in Unreal Tournament. Spotted on SiliconEra.

Cloud and Sephiroth, the toys, battle it out … and then play Rock Band. Thanks power-glove!

A random episode of Reboot. Why not? For the rest of the episode, check out Overtime Comedy.

Laughing Octopus made in Spore. Creeeeepy.

Hamza Aziz