Weekend Destructainment: RELOADING

Louis and Bill explore some of their feelings with each other during all of the zombie horror surrounding them. I better not see a video like this for Zoey! This video, by the way, was made by our very own The Young Scot.

Weekend Destructainment is 20 percent sexual, 50 percent Valve, and 30 percent random this week. After the break, watch as some of the ladies from the 2009 Nerdcore Calendar launch promote the calendar and talk about their sex lives. Then watch as Black Friday shoppers go bat sh*t crazy over the Wal-Mart Xbox 360 deal. Next, watch the Lara Croft model do some flips.

Next up, Dtoider Roody’s little brother shows us his version of Half-Life. Then it’s an awesome character manipulation mod thingy in Team Fortress 2. Followed by Brad’s failed plan in Left 4 Dead. Random Robot Intermission is next with the Guitar Hero playing robot. The Destructainment ends with a lame ad for Super Mario Sunshine.

Video from the 2009 Nerdcore Calendar launch event. I am so in love with Justine Joli.

Wal-Mart shoppers go crazy over the Black Friday Xbox 360 deal.

Lara Croft visits MTV Multiplayer.

Roody’s little brother made a Half-Life parody. Pretty cute. Spotted on Roody’s C Blog.

Dicking around in Team Fortress 2. This is such an awesome mod. Love the Heavy dominions scene.

Brad’s failed plan in Left 4 Dead. Spotted on Kotaku.

Random Robot Intermission: The Guitar Hero playing robot. Obviously this robot is not perfect seeing as it only got 99%.

This Super Mario Sunshine ad is almost as bad as the game. Spotted on Charles Sharam’s C Blog.

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