Weekend Destructainment: Overly sexual edition

Mega64 takes on Assassin’s Creed. Rocco runs around acting as Altair would in the game and harasses unsuspecting victims. Pretty good skit, but just a little too short.

Snake?! SNAKE?! SNNAAKKKEEE continues the Destructainment right after the jump with the PS3 MGS 4 install process. Then, Busta Rhymes busts out a Portal reference. Next up, Bill O’Reilly gets pissed off at Battletoads. Then check out a porn star taking pictures with videogames.

Random Robot Intermission follows with robotic sharks. Next up, Playboy Cybergirl of the year plays some Wii boxing … and then she plays Wii Snowboarding. The Destructainment ends with some horrendous voice acting in a videogame.  

The Metal Gear Solid 4 install process reminds me of a very naggy mother. 


Busta Rhymes pays homage to Portal for a couple of seconds. Yeah, that’s about it. Thanks, Chris Holzworth! 

Bill O’Reilly gets pissed at Battletoads. Thanks, Tristero! 

Some porn star takes pictures with handhelds. YEAAHHHH BOOYYYY! Oh, NSFW! Spotted on Polygamia.

Random Robot Intermission: I’M A ROBOT SHHHHAAARRRKKK! 

Playboy Cybergirl of the Year, Jo Garcia, plays Wii boxing in her underwear. Spotted on BalanceBoardBlog

Jo Garcia then plays some Wii Snowboarding

Horrible, horrible, horrible voice acting. Spotted on naia-the-gamer’s blog.

Hamza Aziz