Weekend Destructainment: Over dramatic edition

Weekend Destructainment’s presentation is changing, but only for a couple of weeks. Don’t be afraid! Just hit the jump and all the random videos that I find during the week are all still here, starting off with 32 songs performed in eight minutes. Then Kill Bills GoGo gets really into Resident Evil 5. Next up is the Scream mask violinist jamming to Ys II.

Next, it’s Half Life: Hero Beggining. Then a pornstar reviews Rumble Massage. Next, Mario and his kingdom fight Master Chief and SPARTANS. Then it’s the second episode of There Will Be Brawl. Next, the music from Metal Gear Solid 2 can make anything epic. Random Robot Intermission follows with Robocop stealing chicken. The Destructainment ends with an 8-bit cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”.   

32 songs in eight minutes. From the guy who did the Mega Man 9 jam and the one man band Windwaker unplugged video.

Kill Bill’s GoGo plays some Resident Evil 5. This ad is way more dramatic then it needs to be. Spotted on Capcom-Unity.

Scream mask violinist plays some Ys II music. 


Half Life: Hero Beggining. From the makers of the Half Life Full Life Consequences. Not as good as the others, but it got a few laughs out of me at least. Spotted on Andrex’s C Blog

A pornstar reviews Rumble Massage.

Mario versus Master Chief. Spotted on Darkspire Films — Thanks, Wardrox.

There Will Be Brawl episode two. Thanks, Mike!

The music from Metal Gear Solid 2 can make any scene epic. Made by oberoi.

Random Robot Intermission: Robocop loves chicken! Spotted on Topless Robot.

8-bit version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. It’s … timely …

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