Weekend Destructainment: Meat boxing edition

So Princess Peach has real bad musical tastes. I also never realized how freaky her face looked like in the cartoons until now. Spotted on GoNintendo.
The weekend is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get Destructainmented! After the break, take a look at what the Antiques Roadshow would like in the year 2550. Then it’s Grand Theft Auto IV on the Spectrum ZX. Random Robot Intermission is next with Paul Rudd vs. Robot In Gen Y Cops. Next up is Mega Man on the Atari 2600.
Followed by an old school Metal Gear Solid ad. Then it’s a clip from Metal Gear Solid 4 with Snake scaring some PMCs. Next, it’s Billy and Jimmy Lee trying to score with Marion. Next up is DJ I Dee’s rap song and videogame mash up. The Destructainment ends with Johnny Cage meat boxing. 

Antiques Roadshow from the year 2550.


Grand Theft Auto IV as if it was on a Spectrum ZX. Spotted on OffWorld.

Random Robot Intermission. Paul Rudd vs. Robot In Gen Y Cops. Spotted on FilmDrunk.

Mega Man for the Atari 2600.

Old school Metal Gear Solid ad.

A couple of PMCs from Metal Gear Solid 4 get really scared.

Billy and Jimmy Lee save Marion, but which hero gets to do Marion? Spotted on srpachuco’s C blog.

Rap song meets videogames, by DJ I Dee. Spotted on Justice’s C Blog.

Johnny Cage is a pervert.

Hamza Aziz