Weekend Destructainment: MASSAGE HIM!

Shao Kahn is a little horny. Sub-Zero is about to finish off Liu-Kang, but Shao has a better idea instead. At first, it’s innocent enough. Shao asks Sub-Zero to massage Liu for a little bit. But then it gets really crazy from there.
READY TO WEEKEND DESTRUCTAINMENT! After the jump, check out the horrible ad for the original GameBoy. Then it’s a video showing off why Wii Fit is awesome. Next up, check out a 4-year-old own at Rock Band. Then take a look at Metal Gear for the Tiger handheld.
Next up is an awesome in-game ad from Grand Theft Auto IV. Then it’s The King of Kong meets Terminator 2. Random Robot Intermission follows with the music video, Building a Robot. The Destructainment ends with a 20 minute long Garry’s Mod montage. 

Horrible ad for the original GameBoy. Spotted on GoNintendo

Wii Fit is awesome.

4-year-old kicking some ass on the drums in Rock Band. Spotted on power-glove’s C Blog

Metal Gear for the Tiger handheld. Spotted on masterledz C Blog

Awesome in-game commercial from Grand Theft Auto IV. Spotted on Skribble’s Blog

K2: The King, The Kong and the Ugly

Random Robot Intermission: Building a Robot

Crazy Garry’s Mod montage. Spotted on Andrex’s Blog.

Hamza Aziz