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Weekend Destructainment: Mainstream media continues to rape videogames


This clip is from the new T.V. show called Life. This clip is also one of the worst representation of what videogames are that has ever graced prime time. A lot of shows lately like The Office, My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, House, Boston Legal and a bunch of others have recently been dropping videogames into episodes as a throw away gag or as part of the main plotline. With these shows though, they didn't butcher the games or our culture. But this show takes the cake. Not only does the show's writers think that videogames all still have levels (in the style of NES games), but they also make fun of gamers with the lines the guy says who plays Prince of Persia. At least they show a girl can be just as good a gamer as a guy (if not better). Oddly though, the girl gamer was for some reason "air controllering" (think air guitaring) ... or she was just practicing how to give a mean handjob. Spotted on tsunamikitsune's C-Blog.

I give this Weekend Destructainment a CTZ out of 10. After the jump, the Destructainment gets started with a hot chick giving Portal cheats. Next, the horrible ending to Sub-Zero Mythologies. Then it's a machinima of Big Daddy, Mario, Nariko and a few other characters dancing. Next up, it's the greatest Wii mod ever: The Rocking Horse Wiimote mod.

Random Robot Intermission breaks things up with the robotic exoskeleton. Then, a video review of the badass Halo laser tag weapon. The Destructainment ends with a (most likely) mentally challenged guy telling his teammates in Team Fortress 2 that he really wants Kane & Lynch but his grandma won't give him the money for the game [Update: It's not really a retard. It's Shawn Elliot of GFW pretending to be a retard! IT'S OK TO LAUGH AT IT NOW!]. 

Hot chicks with cheat codes: Portal edition. Way to go staring off screen the whole time you fucking tart. The horrible ending to Sub-Zero Mythologies. Spotted on GamerHelp.
Master Chief, Mario, NiGHTS, Big Daddy, Rachet and Nariko dance. This is so retarded.
The Wiimote Rocking Horse mod.

Random Robot Intermission: The robotic exoskeleton. DO WANT
The Halo laser tag weapons are freaking awesome! This is so sad/fucking hilarious. Some guy playing Team Fortress 2 really wants Kane & Lynch.

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