Weekend Destructainment: Kill Vega

YEAH! IT’S THE JUGGERNAUT BIT*H! Well, it’s the team that made the Juggernaut Bit*h. My Way Entertainment specialize in taking classic shows and redubbing them with hilarity. The video above is a recut of the Street Fighter II movie focusing only on Chun-Li, Guile and Vega.  

Eleven videos sum up this weeks Destructainment. The party gets started with a very funny video of Japanese hottie Ayumi Hamasaki playing Wario Ware on the Wii. Then a quick (and pointless) video of standing on top of the highest building in Crackdown. An ad for the SEGA Masters system follows that. Then a news report of Sony going out of business is after that.

Then a very skilled MS Painter makes a PSP. After that, a stop motion video of LEGOs doing Counter-Strike. A group of kids plays the Mario theme on empty bottles next. Video proof of just how horrible R.O.B really was follows that. Guiles theme performed on a guitar after that. Then an ad for Sony and McDonalds wraps up this weeks ‘tainment

Japanese hottie, Ayumi Hamasaki, playing Wario Ware for the Wii. Not only is she smoking hot, but her facial expressions are hiliarious as she plays the game.Making it to the highest building in Crackdown. Spotted on Kotaku.The original SEGA Master System commercial. Spotted on TechEBlog.Sony goes out of business. Sony fanboys, send hate mail to Summa.A PSP made in MS Paint. Eat your heart out Photoshop. Spotted on GayGamer.Counter-Strike done with LEGOs.The Super Mario theme done using empty Coke bottles.R.O.B was a piece of sh*t. Spotted on Overtime Comedy.A hot chick plays Guiles theme on the guitar. Tight. Spotted on Game Break.An old Sony and McDonalds ad in Japan. I think the video made me high a little bit … Thanks Faith!

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