Weekend Destructainment: IT’S KOMBAT TIME!!!

It isn’t until you see a mashup of all the horrible clips from a particular show until you realize just how bad that show was. I remember loving the Mortal Kombat cartoon show when I was younger. After watching this, though, I can’t believe I ever liked it. Damn you Internet. You continue to ruin my childhood. Spotted on power-glove’s C-Blog.

I’m a Weekend commander, giving out the orders for Destructainment. After the jump, check out the very useful scientific fact for Team Fortress 2. Then, it’s the art of C4 throwing in Call of Duty 4. Next up, it’s Paper Mario in real life.  Followed by Old School Sharks, the old school 8-bit rap. 

Then it’s Random Robot Intermission with Sherlockbot and the case of the purloined piggybank. Next, check out the new guide for Xbox Live orientation. Then check out the battle between a robot and real player in Guitar Hero. The awesome Machinima, Day of the Pyro, follows that. The Destructainment ends with the latest episode of Arby ‘n’ the Chief. 

Very useful scientific facts: The Team Fortress 2 Engineer can’t double jump, but they sure can dance! Fantastic spoof. Thanks Cobra! 

The art of throwing C4 in Call of Duty 4. Spotted on CannibalCalvin’s C-Blog

Paper Mario in real life. Thanks, Yashoki!



Old school Sharks. I think I posted this before, but what’s a Destructainment without music videos? Spotted on Heretic’s C-Blog.

Random Robot Intermission: Sherlockbot & The case of the purloined piggybank. 

Xbox Live orientation. 

The Guitar Hero robot vs. a real player. Who will win?



The Day of the Pyro. Very old, but a great example of great Machinima. Spotted on CannibalCalvin’s C-Blog

The latest episode of Arby ‘n’ the Chief. Two new toys join the family. 

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