Weekend Destructainment: Intervention edition

Is real life getting in the way of your friends from playing World of Warcraft? For too long, people have been quitting WoW for normal things like relationships, jobs and families. Thanks to Blizzard, those problems are a thing of the past. Just let Blizzard know if you have a friend leaving WoW and they’ll cast an intervention … You can cast in WoW, right? I wouldn’t know, real life has kept me from WoW

PROTEIN! MUSCLE MILK! DESTRUCTOID! After the break, take a look at the “Paper Planes” parody called Konami Code. Then Halo 3 gets V.A.T.S. Next up, Dtoider XL1SKA trolls people on Xbox Live. Followed by a new version of Hyadain’s Chocobo song.

Next up, Boomer’s Day Off continues with Boomer and the Witch. Then it’s a cover of the Battletoads & Double Dragon level 5 song. Next, it’s an old school ad for Super Mario World. The Destructainment ends with VG Spoofs. 

Konami Code, a Paper Planes parody. Spotted on BlackNerdComedy — Thanks, Andre!

Halo 3 gets V.A.T.S. Thanks, EternalDarkWing

Dtoider XL1SKA screws with people on Xbox Live.

Chocobo remix! I love Hyadain!

Boomer’s Day Off, part 2. Boomer comforts Sheila the Witch. Spotted on NotGeoff’s C blog.

Battletoads & Double Dragon level 5 cover. Spotted on AgainstBelief’s C blog.

Super Mario World commercial. Aside from the bullshit at the 0:06 second mark letting Mario move through the world without clearing levels, this commercial makes me want to travel back in time and live out my days with the SNES again. I miss being a kid.

VG Spoofs, episode 6. The VG Spoof guys take on Game Genie. Spotted on dark-mullet’s C blog.

Hamza Aziz