Weekend Destructainment: I’m a rhino!

Is this the greatest video game cover song ever?! No, but it is pretty funny. Basically, it’s a rock song tribute to Duck Hunt. It’s a pretty simple song with simple and sometimes weird lyrics … “I’M A RHINO!”
Hey, did you see how God Len tried to retaliate against me last week? Ohhh, I’m so scared of your swords! NOT! I had all of Street Fighter on my side last week. You think I’m afraid of some swords when I have Vega and M. Bison (what the hell does the M. stand for?) in my corner? Pssshh, whateva.
Anyway, themes are boring. People are going to get bored fast if all of the videos are just Street Fighter videos. That’s why I’m going back to the true way of Destructainment. A giant f**king mess of chaos! 

Tower of Terror recreated in Half-Life 2.  It’s pretty amazing seeing this and comparing it to the actual ride. Needless to say, a lot of work went into this.

The GTA IV trailer recreated in real life. Really badly. Spotted on Kotaku.Stephen Colbert’s Dance Dance Revolution. Spotted on The Last Boss.A review of Ninja Golf for the Atari 7800. I like ninjas, but this is just horrible. Thanks bhive!Mario and Luigi teach Italian. Stereotyping FTW.
Fan made Nintendo commercial showing the systems transforming Transformers style through the years. 

Mock up video of what the Halo theme would look and play like on Guitar Hero 2. Wow. That would be a b**ch to play. 

A funny and lucky double kill in Halo 2.

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