Weekend Destructainment: I’m a Bubbleman

Something about Hyadain’s work is so peaceful. He has a great art style and he’s such a great musician. The latest jam from Hyadain is a remix of the Bubbleman theme from Mega Man 2. Unlike Hyadain’s previous works, this one isn’t as homoerotic as Crash Man “Let’s Do It”.

Destructainment is GO! After the break, listen to an awesome Metal Gear Solid 2 cover performed on an electric guitar. Next up, it’s a completely pointless video of Mario in Minesweeper. Then watch as Dr. Wily finally defeats Mega Man.

Next up, it’s a cook-off between PaRappa and Crash Bandicoot. After that we got Random Robot Intermission and the Kitchen Assistance Robot. Next up is the hot new game called Wii Breakfast. Then it’s the power of KORG-10. The Destructainment ends with Mega64 loving the Sumo chairs.  

The Metal Gear Solid 2 theme performed on a electric guitar. Pretty awesome.

Mario in Minesweeper. Totally pointless.

Dr. Wily finally defeats Mega Man.

PaRappa and Crash Bandicoot have a cook-off.

Random Robot Intermission: The Kitchen Assistance Robot.

The Wii Breakfest. Spotted on Polygamia.

The power of KORG-10. Spotted on. Spotted on GoNintendo.

Mega64 really loves the Sumo chair.

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