Weekend Destructainment: I choose you, Norm MacDonald!

In 1999, Norm MacDonald came out with a TV show called The Norm Show. Personally, I think Norm MacDonald is hilarious, but his show was horrible right from the start. In one of the episode during the height of the Pokemon craze, Norm encountered a boy who thinks he’s Ash from Pokemon. It quickly goes downhill from there. 
Ready. Set. Destructainment! After the break, watch an insane speed run for Marble Madness arcade. Then it’s the Urban Ninja Gaiden. Next up, Duck Hunt breaks down after level 100. Then check out a Grand Theft Auto IV machinima rampage.
Random Robot Intermission is up next with Smoking Robot hitting on a lighthouse. Then watch as some Metroids pull a prank. Followed by a cool ad for Metroid II. Next, check out the sewing machine attachment for the Game Boy Color. The Destructainment ends with Saved By The Bell’s Screech talking about his favorite videogames. 

Insane perfect speed run of the arcade version of Marble Madness. Spotted on GoNintendo.

The Urban Ninja Gaiden. Spotted on The Awesomer.

Duck Hunt goes crazy after level 100.

Burger Shot rampage. Spotted on LitFuseFilms — Thanks, Zachariah!

Random Robot Intermission: Smoking Robot tries to hit on a lighthouse.

Metroids are cute little pranksters.

Pretty neat Metroid II ad.

Game Boy Color with sewing machine attachment.

Saved By The Bell’s Screech favorite videogames.

Hamza Aziz