Weekend Destructainment: Great Scott!

Wow, this just has to be one of the greatest mash ups ever made. Back to the Future meets Wario Ware Inc is something I could have never imagined, yet here it is, and it’s epic. A couple of the scenes drag on, but otherwise, this is amazing.

After the break, Weekend Destructainment continues on with Wii wanking. Then it’s Random Robot Intermission with a robot moving to a new home. Next up, Professor Wikipedia teaches a class. Followed by theswitcher showing how bad the Mega Man cartoon really was.

Next, a Ravving Rabbid tries to become a Hero. Then it’s a montage of Game Over screens. Followed by a Street Fighter II promotional video with some epic fail voice acting. The Destructainment ends with the easiest boss battle ever. 

Wii wanking. Thanks, Blindside Dork!

Random Robot Intermission: Robot moves to a new town, to the tune of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a huge Daft Punk fanatic. Spotted on Danmartigan’s C Blog

Professor Wikipedia teaches a class.

theswitcher clips together scenes from the Mega Man cartoons and shows us just how stupid it really was. Thanks, Matthew!

Rabbids are bad at telekinesis. Spotted on Alanar’s C Blog.

A bunch of Game Over screens from various games. Spotted on BigBaby9199’s C Blog.

Epic voice acting FAIL! Here’s a promotional video for Street Fighter II where the street fighters talk about their abilities. Absolutely horrendous. Spotted on Capcom-Unity.

The easiest boss fight ever.

Hamza Aziz