Weekend Destructainment: Gotta catch ’em all

How do you leave an impression on all of your fellow graduating classmates? Why, by giving a speech inspired by Pokémon cards. You just have to love the looks on the people’s faces who have no idea what’s going on. Thanks, brecksher.

Weekend Destructainment is GO! After the jump, check out the newest episode of The GameBoys, starring Geoff Mendicino with guest stars Rocco Botte, GameJew and Handsome Tom. Then watch on in amazement as someone gets 100% on “Through the Fire and the Flames” on expert. Next up, check out a hottie training to become the next Guitar Hero hero. Then, a man gets trapped in the videogame world.

Next, a Roomba becomes Pac-Man. Then, it’s the trailer for DON’T SHOOT THE WOCKETS. Random Robot Intermission is up next with one of the best covers of a song I have ever seen, followed by a message from Mega64 letting you know that Alien Hominid HD is still on XBLA. The Destructainment ends with a man’s journey with Wii Fit.

The GameBoys VIII, Geoff Mendicino’s crazy little show. In this episode: Sonic in real life, Rocco from Mega64 reviews a wireless keyboard, Phoenix Wright questions hobos, and Handsome Tom and GameJew make special guest segments. Some scenes are a little NSFW. 

100% perfect score on “Through the Fire and Flames” on expert. Spotted on Kotaku.

Training to become the ultimate Guitar Hero hero. Thanks, Conrad

A man gets trapped in the videogame world and battles against Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Mario and more. Thanks, Piero! 

A Rommba turned into a Pac-Man. 

“Don’t Shoot the Wockets”. This is what happens when a 7-year-old enters a Garry’s Mod where Lit Fuse Films is making a film. Thanks, Zachariah, Michael, and Joe from LitFuseFilms

Random Robot Intermission: This is a cover of the Radiohead song “Nude”. They used old machines like hard drives, scanners and other old machinery to create everything you’re hearing in the video. The fact that the harddrives are the voice in the song is just mind blowing. Big thanks to Dyson. 

Oh hey, Alien Hominid HD is still on Xbox Live. Go download it or something. 

Wii Fit: One Man’s Journey. Spotted on GoNintendo

Hamza Aziz