Weekend Destructainment: Duke Nukem will make you go insane

Hey look, it’s Twisted Imp harassing some poor folks on the Vent again! Actually, it’s not, it’s someone far worse … and funnier. If you don’t know what Ventrilo is, go get educated first. Now that you know, you should get a good laugh out of this video. Some person comes into a groups Vent meeting where he decides to harass everyone by playing a Duke Nukem sound board over and over. The group actually enjoys this and get a good laugh out of it, except for one person. A girl (or really high-pitched boy) goes bat sh*t crazy and has a nervous breakdown at Duke Nukem. Thanks Seyward!

On this edition of Weekend Destructainment, I bring to you a total of nine videos for your enjoyment. First video after the jump, it’s an AMV with Silent Hill and an Enormous Penis. Then, a great new ad for the 360 and the 3 blockbuster movie based games that recently came out. Then a video of what Master Chief really looks like under the helmet. After that, a montage of all the ways you can kill Mario in Mario 64.

Next up, Random Robot Intermission staring the Flight of the Conchords. Then the really weird Japanese ad for the original Xbox. Next, GUTSMAN’S ASS! Finally, a model dressed up as Rachael from Ninja Gaiden playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma


An AMV using the game Silent Hill and the song Enormous Penis. Thanks Aoi!

A great new ad for the 360, really well done. Thanks Buck F1tches!

We now know what the Master Chief looks like underneath the helmet!  

Montage of all the ways you can murder Mario in Mario 64. Random Robot Intermission: Flight of the Conchords – Humans Are Dead 

The original ad for the Xbox in Japan features a hot Japanese lady getting hit in the face with a pie. Spotted on Kotaku.

GUTSMAN’S ASS! Thanks Kayka.

Don’t you just love how companies will hire a model, dress her up like a character from the game they’re promoting, then make the model play the game and she has no idea what she is doing? Such is the case with this video (and bonus pictures from CVG) for Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Hamza Aziz