Weekend Destructainment: Do you want a mountain of handkerchiefs?

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce to you the biggest jerk ever. I’m not going to go into detail, just watch the video. Any of you ever pull off a dick move like this before?
On this edition of Weekend Destructainment, I present to you a total of 10 videos. We start things off with the ending to Sonic and the Secret Rings (worst. ending. ever). After that, two videos of the Tetris theme being played in unusual ways. A really good Nerdcore rap follows that. Then a really cheesy ad for Pac-Man.   
Punch-Out gets the real world treatment next. A horribly awesome promo video for Street Fighter II Turbo follows that. Then a sneak peak at the new Halo movie. We wrap things up with some new key drops based on New Super Mario Brothers (No where near as awesome as my version). 
SPOILER! The ending to Sonic and the Secret Rings. Wow. And I thought this game was going to be good. Spotted on Kotaku.
The Tetris theme being played on a cell phone. Not as a ring tone, but by the guy pressing the key pad to play the song. 

A guy plays the Tetris theme on a piano … with his tongue. Both of these Tetris videos come courtesy of FanTent. The link will take you to 18 other videos of Tetris being played on various instruments.

A really great Nerdcore song that incorporates the Punch-Out theme. Thanks Elmer!

An early ’80s ad for 7-Up and Pac-Man. Cheesy ’80s music for the win!!! Spotted on Neatorama.

Real life Punch-Out. It’s a nicely done spoof.

Street Fighter II Turbo

promo video. God damn I miss getting these cheesy promo videos! The narrator is retarded as hell. He can’t pronounce Ryu’s name!

Haylo: The Movie Trailer

New Super Mario Brothers

noise makers.

Hamza Aziz