Weekend Destructainment: Do the Humpty Hump

Yes, I realize this Saints Row musical is almost two years old, but you know what? It’s pretty awesome. Instead of just bitching about the game, Youtuber Cabel turned all of the issues with the original Saints Row into an epic musical. Thanks, Banj!

Destructainment is GO! After the break, watch as The Sniper from Team Fortress 2 does the Humpty Hump. Then check out Geoff Mendicino’s review of Braid. Next up, it’s the latest The Legend of Neil. Then it’s Random Robot Intermission and the robot Olympics. 

Next, Sarcastic Gamer spoofs the WiiMusic trailer. Followed by a behind the scenes look with the new Strongbad game. Next, watch as a little kid gets really angry while playing with the GameBoy Advanced. Then it’s the Japanese ad for Kirby Super Star. The Destructainment ends with Arby ‘n’ the Chief attending a Halo 3 wedding. 

The Sniper does the Humpty Hump in Team Fortress 2. Spotted on JTHomeslice’s C Blog.

Geoff Mendicino reviews Braid.

The Legend of Neil, episode 5. Niel meets Old Man’s brother, Old Man. Old Man suffers from Tourettes.

Random Robot Intermission: The Robot Olympics.

Sarcastic Gamer spoofs the WiiMusic trailer.

Behind the scenes of the new Strongbad game.

Kid gets really mad while playing the GBA.

The Japanese ad for Kirby Super Star. Thanks, Dale!

Arby ‘n’ the Chief attend a wedding.

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