Weekend Destructainment: Ding-A-Ling Fireman to the rescue!

Our opening gambit for this week’s Destructainment isn’t really videogame related, but we don’t play by the rules on Destructoid, even if we made the rules ourselves. I don’t think you’ll mind much, given that it’s a ridiculous toy commercial from the 60’s, and they’re always good for a chuckle. Ding-A-Ling Fireman to the rescue, indeed.

Yes, it does advertise that the Ding-A-Ling Fireman has a “built-in pumper.”

Hamza is at PAX, getting drunk and having sex with all his girls, so we’re holding the fort in his stead. After the jump, you can see a Manhunt-influenced cuddly monkey, a fun Mercs 2 commercial, drunken Castle Crashers glitching, MEH-DI-BOT and some Street Fighter IV combat.

Spunky, the videogame-influenced monkey:

Silly Mercenaries 2 commercial, as found on DaedHead8’s CBlog:

A drunken Castle Crashers glitch from XBUDZ:
Random Robot Intermission: Medibot, taken from spoof 70’s educational show Look Around You:

And finally, Vega takes on the scarily mannish Chun Li in Street Fighter IV:

James Stephanie Sterling