Weekend Destructainment: DDR-tards are awesome

There are two kinds of DDR players in the world that I love. The first are the ones that have robot legs. The other kind are the idiots in the first video above. The first fifteen seconds of the video with the Pokemon kids is just hilarious.

Total of 7 videos for your pleasure this weekend. After the jump, the Destructainment gets started with Master Chief drunk off his cybernetic ass. After that, Electro Lemon hangs himself live on the Tom Green show! Then an amazing anime pixel show done on the Wii. Next, Sweden’s version of America’s Got Talent with a very disturbing performance by Mario. Then a classic ad for Super Mario World. Last but not least, the greatest song about robots evar.

Master Chief is an alcoholic! (G4 making fun of David Hasselhoff drunk off his ass).

Electro Lemon hangs himself with a Wiimote live on the Tom Green Show! 

Amazing anime pixel art through the Wii. Spotted on Japanator

Sweden’s Got Talent! Mario has never been more scary. Spotted on Kotaku

Awesome ad for Super Mario World. 

Random Robot Intermission: Never trust robots (greatest song about robots evar!) Thanks Ugly Phil!


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