Weekend Destructainment: Connectile dysfunction

[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.

I still suffer from some connectile dysfunction so Weekend Destructainment is a little smaller than usually. Still, there’s plenty of awesome to be had! After the break, it’s the N00b boyfriend. Then it’s Mega64 and the PS3 Slim Ghost Story. Followed by Inglourious Plummers, a spoof of the Inglourious Basterds trailer.

Then Dtoider P4KO does the Street Fighter II credits on guitar. Random Robot Intermission follows with a robot with super fast hands. Then check out why everyone hates the Madden announcers. Next up is the first ever Gameboy commercial. The Destructainment ends with a nice song by Leeni at Pulsewave.

The N00b Boyfriend.

Mega64: The PS3 Slim Ghost Story.

Inglourious Plummers.

Dtoider P4KO does the Street Fighter II credits theme on guitar.

Random Robot Intermission: The hand is quicker than the eye! Spotted on Geekologie.

Oh Madden announcer, how I hate you. Thanks, Daniel.

The first ever Gameboy commercial.

Nice song by Leeni at Pulsewave. Spotted on TinyCartridge.

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