Weekend Destructainment: C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

I can’t really say much about this first video or else it would spoil what you’re about to see. Just know that it’s a one in a million chance of this happening in skate. Spotted on Xavier’s Clog.

Dr. Destructoid recommends eight Destructainment videos to treat your lame Weekend. First video after jump is a funny video of the five most irritating characters in gaming. After that, a really weird Japanese show playing a really weird Arcade shooter game. Next up, a collection of the lamest endings to classic videogames from the NES days. Then someone beats Mario 64 only collection one Star.


Then a GTA mod where Lucky Star characters kill Pikachus. Then its Radiohead’s Paranoid Android for Random Robot Intermission. Next, a Mega Man song done in Mario Paint.  The prescription ends the Master Chief sucking at Halo 3.

The top five irritating videogame characters. I was getting annoyed with it but number one was well worth sitting through it all. Do yourself a favor and don’t fast forward. Thanks Grim!A really weird Japanese shooter on rails game. Spotted on Blindeside’s Clog.

Some really lame endings to videogames. Yeah, the Retro games were AWESOME!

Beating Mario 64 with just collecting one star! (Smash announcer voice:) A NEW RECORD! Spotted on SavvyGeek.

C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! Spotted on BlindeSideBear’s Clog.

A fantastic mod where anime characters kill each other in GTA: SA. Thanks Snaileb!

Random Robot Intermission: Radiohead’s Paranoid Android

The Mega Man castle theme done in Mario Paint. Thanks GodLen!

The Master Chief sucks at Halo 3. The Linkin Park ending is epic win. Thanks, thedeadpixel!

Hamza Aziz