Weekend Destructainment: Big jerk edition

This is what happens when people can’t stop pointing out all the glitches and errors in Assassin’s Creed? Altair gets upset and becomes a big jerk?

After the jump, the Destructainment gets started with alien robot goats from Blacksite. Then it’s a very interesting Sims machinima music video to the tune of “Smell Yo Dick”. Next is an awesome gaming music video made with an MIDI program. Followed by another gaming music video for Portal.

Next up, a long collection of random Japanese videogame commercials. Robot Random Intermission follows with Daft Bodies. Then an awesome glitch from Assassin’s Creed. The Destructainment ends with an episode of the original Pac-Man cartoon.

There’s a robot goat in Blacksite: Area 51 … awesome? I can’t help but think this is making fun of the Halo 3 Gold skull trick where you have to go through all the hoops in a particular order. Thanks, crickets.

“Smell Yo Dick,” the Sims music video. Spotted on Tron Knotts’ C-Blog.

Music made with a MIDI program. Spotted on Kotaku

Portal techno remix. It’s really good actually. Spotted on Wardrox’s C-Blog.

About nine minutes of Japanese videogame commercials. Spotted on NinhonTiger90’s C-Blog.

Random Robot Intermission: Daft Bodies. Thanks, Snaileb! 

Assassin’s Creed

glitch that turns the game into multiplayer mode. Spotted on Workmeng’s C-Blog.

An episode of the Pac-Man cartoon.

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