Weekend Destructainment: BETRAYAL!

This is one of those many times that I am so glad there is a replay system in Halo 3 now. I’m not going to bother describing this video though. Just watch it. Spotted on Crunshii’s C-Blog.

The Destructainment continues on after the jump with a funny ad for the original Devil May Cry. Quickly followed up with a sexy Devil May Cry ad. Then it’s a fan made Shadowrun movie. Next up, MC Hammer and Deion Sanders get down in the Street Fighter movie music video.

Then the Mario theme gets played on bottles using an RC Car. Next, a fake ad for a Battletoads game for the Wii. Random Robot Intermission is next with Terminator vs. Robocop. The Destructainment ends with history lesson of what Mortal Kombat was all about.

Extremely funny Japanese ad for the original Devil May Cry. Spotted on VGB.

This also has something to do with Devil May Cry

A real life Shadowrun move. It’s just over a half hour long. Thanks, Olivier!

MC Hammer and Deion Sanders’ music video for the Street Fighter movie. Spotted on the Capcom blog

The Mario theme played with an RC Car and bottles. 

Battletoads for the Nintendo Wii. Spotted on Reaprar’s blog. 

Terminator vs. Robocop. Spotted on liquidninja’s C-Blog

This is what Mortal Kombat was all about. Spotted on Dr. Milkdad’s blog. 

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