Weekend Destructainment: Anything can happen on Halloween

[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.

As Mega64 shows us, anything can happen on Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone! Indulge in the candy tonight.

After the break, Sagat asks if we would like some cornflakes. Then the Rabbids fail to get to the Moon yet again. Next, it’s Baby Cakes’ “Role Play Tournament (Be Aggressive)”. Random Robot Intermission follows with PETMAN.

Then find out how to survive the zombie apocalypse. Next, a Korean ramen commercial rips off Bubble Bobble. Next up is an old school add for Die Hard Trilogy 2. The Destructainment ends with some heavy metal covers of Mega Man music.

You like some cornflakes?! Spotted on Capcom-Unity.

Rabbids fail to get to the Moon.

Baby Cakes “Role Play Tournament (Be Aggressive)

Random Robot Intermission: PETMAN. Spotted on Geekologie.

How to survive a zombie apocalypse, Left 4 Dead 2 style. Spotted on ThatVideoGameBlog.

Cute Korean Ramen ladies rip off Bubble Bobble. Spotted on Kotaku.

Old school ads: Die Hard Trilogy 2 ads.

Metal cover of some Mega Man music. Thanks, power-glove!


Hamza Aziz