Weekend Destructainment: Angelina Jolie is coming to steal your babies!

Angelina Jolie must be stopped. Her antics have become an epidemic upon her many male and lesbonic fans who fap the ground she walks on. Adopting one kid, sure fine, we could handle it. The second one made us concerned. Then you gave birth to an actual kid?! Not to mention the next kid you adopted.  Angie, please come back to us! It’s getting depressing not seeing any new sexy photos of you on Tyler Durden.

Total of 8 videos top out the Weekend D this week. First video after the jump is the latest skit from Mega64. Then the video of that insane Mario Bros game with funny commentary dubbed over it. A little news piece on SEGA making sexy robot chicks follows that. Then a nifty video of Halo being played with the Guitar Hero controller. Three really weird ads for Dig Dug, SEGA Mega Drive and Hey You, Pickachu! follows that. Ending the ‘tainment is some symphonic bliss of Halo songs from the Video Game Live concert.

Mega64’s latest skit involves the government kidnapping people who beat Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2 and making them protect our fragile boarders. 

Creative commentary added to that insane Mario video Chad posted last week.

SEGA makes hot and sexy robot chicks. Thanks Detry!
Halo being played with the Guitar Hero controller. Spotted on 360Style (I tried this with the dance pad once … wasn’t pretty).


The British ad for the SEGA Mega Drive makes no sense. Spotted on the great Overtime Comedy.  

The Halo theme at the VGL. 

Dogs hate Pikachu.

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