Weekend Charity: Babycastles promoting indie gaming

Cutting it a bit close for having this officially on the weekend I realize, but sometimes a good reason to donate some money doesn’t come along until Sunday. This weekend’s charity is the Kickstarter for Babycastles’s Manhattan exhibition of independent gaming.

I can’t really say it better than they do to explain the reasons for the exhibition: “At a Manhattan location, we’re aiming to strongly influence the public perception of video games and the culture surrounding this art form.”

What they need from you is funding. They need $6,000 by Oct. 4 to get the project off the ground and into people’s faces and right now they are at $2,311. And it isn’t like you have to be super altruistic to donate. Every pledge nets you some seriously awesome swag, even a simple $5. I do have to say the super rare copies of Katamary Damacy signed by Keita Takahashi might be worth the higher pledge price for any serious collector.

Check it out and help the world appreciate gaming a bit more.

Matthew Razak