Weapons of Fate exec producer takes a bite out of the multiplayer issue

Apparently Pete Wanat is a guy who speaks my language, at least when it comes to gaming. In a recent appearance on GameSpot’s HotSpot podcast, the Executive Producer for Wanted: Weapons of Fate spoke his mind about multiplayer games and the effort spent adding multiplayer modes to games that may not necessarily need them.

A quote from the podcast:

For the most part, we waste our money and our time building multiplayer levels … And why do we do this? Because a couple years ago, the press was all about saying, ‘This game has to have multiplayer, there’s no replayability.’ F*** that. That’s a bad joke.

Brave words, but ultimately I agree with them. There are a lot of incredible multiplayer games, but not every game needs to have the option. Wanat also commented on how adding multiplayer to a game takes a bite out of the single player game:

You don’t get to add multiplayer [at] no cost. If you’re going to make a multiplayer version, you take people, time, and money away from the single-player experience. And that all goes to hurt the single-player. … Not everybody is Bungie. Not everybody can have 100 guys working on their multiplayer. The Call of Duty 4 guys? If they want to do multiplayer, then do multiplayer. We’ll play the f*** out of multiplayer in Call of Duty. We’ll play co-op in Left 4 Dead. There are places and times to do it and do it right.

I played games for years happily that had no multiplayer, but it’s a known fact that I’m more of a solo gamer. How do you feel about buying a game that has no multiplayer?

[Via GameSpot]

Colette Bennett