We Stand Unbroken quest guide Destiny 2 – Season 20 Week 2

New places, new faces

It’s week two of Destiny 2: Lightfall and with that comes a few new activities and missions to complete. If you haven’t gone to check out the new Exotic mission to get the Vexcalibur glaive, go and do it now. Right now. I’ll wait.

Got it? Excellent, wasn’t that fun? Whilst Bungie has been fine-tuning this season for quite some time now, it does seem that week two’s story is a little more sparse than the opener last week. There’s still plenty to do though, and some interesting dialogue from some of the characters we’re going to be interacting with. This week’s We Stand Unbroken quest kicks off by visiting the Helm to receive a special message from Amanda Holliday.

Holliday thanks us for busting her and her fellow prisoners out of the pyramid last week before explaining that some of them were asking to head back out to look for more survivors. She tells us that the Shadow Legion has been spotted in the Cosmodrome trying to get more prisoners and asks us to meet her there.

The Cosmodrome

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We land on the Cosmodrome and Amanda says this is the first time Cabal have been spotted there since Caiatl went after the Hive. There’s a seasonal quest this week to kill enemies with short-range weapons such as sidearms, submachine guns, and swords, so bring those along to kill two birds with one stone. After clearing some Shadow Legion enemies out a portal will open to the Ascendant Plane. Drop through this and fight your way through more enemies.

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Amanda comments that the Ascendant Plane looks like a “half-finished puzzle”. Queen Mara Sov explains, “That realm is more mutable than our plane, and in constant flux. Every time the Witness alters it, unpredictable manifestations appear”. This suggests that our battles this season may not be as straightforward as they usually are in Battleground activities.

After killing yet more enemies, you’ll soon be asked to banish powerful Taken. Look for the ones with markers above their heads and prioritize these to progress the quest. Igniting a balefire at the end of this section will clear the entrance to the pyramid, and you can enter.

Inside the Pyramid

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We enter the Shadow Legion prison tasked with breaching the pyramid outpost. Head through and survive an ambush of Cabal. Look to the higher ground as this is where they’ll get out of control if you don’t eliminate them quickly. Soon after, you’ll find yourself expelled from the pyramid, back outside in the Ascendant Plane. To re-enter, defeat enemies and traverse back toward the entrance before heading inside again. There are different entrances to explore and Mara Sov confirms this is a possibility, guiding you toward them.

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Inside you’ll encounter Zatocc, Devoted to the Witness. Defeat them in a similar manner to last week, by lighting balefires, consecrating Taken energy, and launching it towards them to destroy their shield. After they are defeated, Devrim Kay wants to speak with you. Head to the Farm.

Fellow Queensguard

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Interact with the Holoprojector at the Farm near where Mara Sov is positioned. Devrim wants to speak with you via a transmission. He explains that Mara Sov knighted all of them as Queensguard whether they had the Light or not, but that Guardians are the only ones who can draw on her power. “I think when the Witness did whatever it did to the Traveler it sought to destroy our hope,” he explains, “That didn’t happen”. He continues to describe the fact that when things are at their worst “that’s when we are at our best” as we banded together. We’re rewarded with the seasonal auto rifle Perpetualis for completing the mission.

Finally, although it is not explained in the quest steps, head back to the Helm and visit the War Table for an additional reward for freeing prisoners. You can now redeem the Against the Shadows seasonal challenge and receive a War Table upgrade.

As a bonus, check the radio on the Farm to hear a conversation between Mithrax and Devrim Kay and contribute to the Country Road Triumph’s progress.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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