We need a Ghost of Tsushima PC port like, now

Ghost of Tsushima: PC Port Release Date & Info

Make it a priority, Sony

When Ghost of Tsushima came out, I knew it was something special. That’s why I was waiting for the Director’s Cut/DLC package with open arms. Now I’m waiting for basically anything else. A PC port would do.

Sadly there is no confirmation at all right now that Ghost of Tsushima is even getting a PC port, but we can look at some trends and surmise that it’s likely going to happen. It was also part of that partially correct, partially incorrect Nvidia PC leak from 2021.

Here are the games Sony currently has on PC/Steam:

Note that the earliest game is God of War, and it was released in January of this year. Yep, all of the above list launched in 2022. Sony is clearly serious about porting their biggest games to PC, and if Sackboy can make the cut, a lot of other titles could too.

But Ghost of Tsushima, like many other open world games, would be incredible to mess around with on PC. I mean, just imagine the mods! And the graphical options! While it hasn’t happened yet, I’m hoping we get some form of announcement in early 2023, perhaps via a State of Play. This feels like a sure thing at this point.

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